Devon Larratt Armwrestling Documentary

Devon Larratt Armwrestling Texas

Big news in the world of Armwrestling television production as Devon Larratt announces the development of a new documentary featuring “No Limits” himself. The production looks to be headed in the right direction being managed by an experienced team that includes an Oscar winner and the star of the biggest Armwrestling film of all time, (Over the Top) Sylvester Stallone. Six months into production we can now see a snippet of this project starring one of the greatest Armwrestlers of all time that will cullminate at the King of the Table 3 event in Dubai where the King of Canada will face the almighty Georgian “Hulk”, Levan Saginashvili. The production will also feature the experience from Levan’s perspective in Georgia leading up to the highly anticipated match up. If this film is anything like the “Pulling John” documentary that we all know and love it should be an instant classic! Check out Devon’s video below where he breaks down the production and why we should all be excited for this documentary.

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