Devon vs Ermes a close matchup?

Only a few more sleeps until the biggest show in Armwrestling goes down at East vs West 9! In terms of popularity this may be the biggest East vs West card to date. A stacked card of athletes are slated to compete at this event, headlined by the much awaited match between
Devon Larratt and Ermes Gasparini.

With the Heavyweight King of Armwrestling, Levan Saginashvili, sidelined at the moment there are only so many matches that make sense at the top level in this weight class and while there may be other matchups that look better on paper this is definitely the one people want to see.

Facebook Votes on the match between Devon and Ermes

Ermes is looking to be a slight favorite just days before the matchup with odds looking more even as the day gets closer. Devon has taken to his usual gameplan of attempting to get into his opponents head by posting videos trolling his competitor. Below you can listen to a lovely poem written and narrated by Devon about Ermes as he takes subtle jabs at the current East vs West heavyweight champion.

Devon Trolling Ermes

Ermes is not amused by Devons antics and breaks down the match between himself and how the Canadian Armwrestling Champion stands no chance. Who do you think takes the win in this much anticipated battle?

Ermes on his upcoming match with Devon

Devon showed up early last week in Turkey with his son Milo to visit and do some training with the promoter of East vs West and Armwrestling Legend, Engin Terzi. You can see some of their adventures around Turkey online as well as the “meeting of minds” between Devon and Ermes on Coach Rays youtube channel.

Check out the rest of this series on Rays channel

This matchup along with the rest of the card will no doubt be a banger. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Engin and the rest of the East vs West crew for creating and maintaining such an excellent promotion. Make sure to click the link below and order this much anticipated PPV event!

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