King of Cali II

We are just a few days out from another amazing Armwrestling event to kick off 2022. A sequel to last years King of California which showcased an amazing card of Supermatches. This event will also showcase supermatches but will be followed by a double elimination tournament expected to be stacked with talented Pullers. This event is organized by father and son team Dave and Kyle … Continue reading King of Cali II

Hutchings vs Adair – The time has come!

Armwrestling is starting out 2022 right with an amazing matchup between the newly crowned King of Australia, Lachlan Adair and the American King of Side Pressure, Todd Hutchings! This is one of those matchups that is almost too good to be true. A matchup that seemed to be fantastical and unlikely to ever actually become reality is going down in less than 24 hours. The … Continue reading Hutchings vs Adair – The time has come!


The Kenny Bostic Memorial Armwrestling Tourament in Hawthorne Nevada this year was epic! Two days of Armwrestling madness from some of the best Pullers in the country! This is one of those events that should be marked on the calendar of every Armwrestler in the country. The level of competition at this event is the best that you will find. Check out the Amazing Article … Continue reading THE HAWTHORNE CHRONICLES

East vs West: The Engin Terzi Supermatch Fund

The Armwrestling community has once again come together to support a great cause that will no doubt bring us some excellent entertainment and competition. An event of epic proportions that brings together top-level competitors from multiple weight classes. This event is the brainchild of Armwrestling legend, Engin Terzi, and is getting a big push due to a gofundme organized by top ranked puller Herman Stevens. … Continue reading East vs West: The Engin Terzi Supermatch Fund

Training from Puller Magazine

At Puller Magazine we want to bring Armwrestlers as much information on building yourself as a better athlete in the sport. The best way I have found to excel in the sport is to learn from the best and most experienced Pullers. Over the last few months we have had the privilege of attending two “Stars of the Sport” training seminars put on by Paul … Continue reading Training from Puller Magazine

The Wierdo Camera Guy Armwrestling Event

In what ended up being a supermatch between basically two Pullers, the wierdo camera guy war in Waxahatchie, Texas was an entertaining event to say the least. With Travis Bagent as the host and 6 of the wierdest camera guys in the game getting rowdy it was an exciting event. At the conception of this event there were a whole different cast of characters. As … Continue reading The Wierdo Camera Guy Armwrestling Event

Who is right about the Kings Move?

Since the dawn of time men have argued over the one thing that cannot be simply determined as either right or wrong….. and that is the Kings Move! To this day when any Armwrestler lowers his shoulder close to the table gasps are heard from around the room. Fingers are pointed and brows are furrowed. “That is cheating!” They say. “That is not Armwrestling”. Well … Continue reading Who is right about the Kings Move?