Hutchings vs Adair – The time has come!

Armwrestling is starting out 2022 right with an amazing matchup between the newly crowned King of Australia, Lachlan Adair and the American King of Side Pressure, Todd Hutchings! This is one of those matchups that is almost too good to be true. A matchup that seemed to be fantastical and unlikely to ever actually become reality is going down in less than 24 hours. The Aussie has passed all required Covid-19 related travel requirements and has touched down in the states looking as massive as advertised. The match is going down under the NAL banner and is another huge match organized by Italia Armwrestling Promotions, which delivered many outstanding world class matchups all throughout 2021.

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This match will give us a good example of where the strength of Australian Armwrestling stands in comparison to North American Armwrestling. With Lachlan recently dethroning Ryan Bowen from the #1 rank in Australia, a victory from Toddzilla tomorrow would put to rest any debate about the Armwrestling skill/strength level between the two countries in the eyes of many. Where a victory from Lachlan would likely raise the confidence level of all Australian Pullers with the knowledge that their fellow countryman can compete at the highest level of our sport. A supermatch victory over Todzilla from a Puller in any weight class is an amazing feat.

The return of the Beast has arrived!! Not to be outdone by the main event we have a rather lopsided supermatch, which is the opinion of many throughout the Armwrestling community. A left handed supermatch between Travis Bagent, who is arguably the best left handed Heavyweight Armwrestler that has ever lived, and a light heavyweight beast named Brandon Ellsessor, who has been absolutely demolishing elite Pullers around the country for the last couple years. The matchup could possibly be a barnburner due to the fact that Travis has been know to come off of the couch with little to no training in his “comeback” matches while we all can see that Brandon has been training like a madman and competing consistently.

The evening will also feature a novice supermatch between Damon Ranson and Robert Kelly that is getting a lot of social media attention for being on the same card with such elite Pullers which is rarely the case. Then an exciting last minute heavyweight matchup between Wayne Withers and Austin Jaggers.

Check the link below to get the full card live on Pay-Per-View!

Like many other big matches and events we have seen in Armwrestling over the last year or so the social media buzz is loud! Below is a compilation of predictions and perspectives from folks throughout the Armwrestling community on how they think this match will turn out and why. Check them out and take a moment to subscribe and share these channels that are providing great Armwrestling content so we continue to keep growing our sport!

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