Washington State Championships 2021

This year the Northwest has a bright spotlight shining on it from the Armwrestling World. Washington’s State Armwrestling Championships is going to be a loud ending to an amazing year of stacked competitions. This card is full of elite competitors looking to establish their dominance and rightful place in the North American rankings. This event will likely be one of the largest competitions in the Northwest in quite some time. 

Paul Italia with “Monster” Michael Todd in Petaluma, CA

Hosted by Tim Tallmadge and promoted by Italia Armwrestling Promotions, this event will show how well the Northwest Armwrestling community matches up against some of the strongest Pullers in the country. Paul Italia (Owner of Italia Armwrestling Promotions) does not take half steps when promoting an event. He is committed to bringing out the biggest Athletes and matchups possible in an attempt to bring the sport of Armwrestling to a new level of recognition. Partnered with Tim Tallmadge who is a seasoned referee and experienced Armwrestler himself, the competitors and spectators can expect to see an entertaining, professionally managed event.

The matches are headlined by an 8 man round robin and a 4 man double elimination battle as well as three supermatches. Check out the lineup below! 

8 Man Right Hand Round Robin- 

Ryan Ballesteros – Jody Williams – Wayne Arceneaux – Paul Stevens  

Jonathan Vazquez – Ernest Stranz – Justin Green – Sean Lester 

4 way Double elimination Left Hand battle- 

Jacob Abbott – Jordan Sill – Brandon Elsessor – Andrei Sharkevich 


Devin Mackin vs BJ Fokakis 

Jody Williams vs Jeff Frank 

Aaron Yearsley vs Tim Tallmadge 

This will no doubt be a long day of battles between some talented competitors. Every matchup is too close to call and will likely go back and forth. The four-way battle is no doubt going to cause a shift in the top 10 rankings in the country as every man is up there. Jacob Abbott will be the hometown favorite out of Team Strong Arms who will have home court advantaged being based out of Washington. Jacob has been the King of Washington for some time and the crowd will be pushing for him to sweep the competition. Jordan Sill will no doubt be coming in big and strong. He would be looking to be the favorite in this competition if it was not for being defeated by another big strong Puller in this four-way battle named Brandon Elsessor. Brandon has been looking like a freight train this last year as he has been competing in tournaments across the country looking damn near unstoppable. Last but not least is Andrei Sharkevich who is another Puller that has been very active and completely demolishing his opponents. This would be a tough one to bet on.

Check out the North American Rankings below

The 8-man battle will also be a tough one to call as every Puller on the card has a good chance of winning it all. Jody Williams, Ernest Stranz and Wayne Arceneaux are looking to be heavy favorites going into this though the rest of the competitors cannot be underestimated. Sean Lester was regarded by many as Armwrestling rookie of the year in the U.S for 2021. He has gotten bigger and stronger every day and could convincingly take the home the 1st place spot. Ryan Ballesteros and Paul Stevens are two Armwrestlers who fight with a lot of heart and grit which could be exactly what is needed to take down all of these warriors. Seasoned Pullers, Justin Green and Jonathan Vazquez, will definitely take advantage of their experience and table I.Q. to breakdown the other competitors.

The supermatches will be just as highly contested and will no doubt be a must watch. Everyone should be tuned into the Arm Sports Entertainment youtube channel to check the matches out live then head over to the Puller Mag youtube channel to watch the edited footage!  

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