This Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma a 4 way super-match is set that will shake up the Armwrestling World as we know it! Not only do we have 4 of the strongest Pullers in the country battling it out to prove who is the best. We also have the chance to put our money where our mouth is by placing bets on our favorite Pullers thanks to the match being added to the staking on Armbet. This matchup is brought together by Italia Armwrestling Promotions. A new Armwrestling Promotion organized by Paul Italia. Paul has been traveling the country working with leagues in many states, putting together great events that put a spotlight on the sport of Armwrestling. This matchup is just a start to the greatness that this Promotion plans to put together for the sport.

Staking is a gamechanger to the sport of Armwrestling. Think about it. A way that not only the Armwrestlers could make money but the fans can also have a chance to make money while having some fun and supporting their favorite Puller! Sounds like a win, win, win to me. The more money that is accumulated in this sport the more attention and respect the sport will receive. Devon Larratt and Armbet has made this possible with an easy to use online interface that may prove to be exactly what the sport of Armwrestling needs to move forward and grow. Check out the Staking tutorial below and click the link to bet on your favorite athlete.

This matchup will likely be a barnburner with all of the athletes having a chance to take home the “W”. The betting for each athlete is set up in blocks which may be confusing to some. Here is a quote from the Armbet website breaking it down.

“When an athlete reaches their preset staking milestone, they are temporarily “Sold Out” until their competitors’ backers match the milestone amount. Once that milestone is met for all competitors, a new block is offered for staking the athletes. Check back soon for staking availability.”

At the moment the only athlete that is “Sold Out” for this event is, Chance Shaw. This is a huge sign that Chance is definitely either the favorite to win the Fatal 4 Way or he just has more fans willing to bet on him. Devon Larratt took it upon himself to interview each contender to see where their head is at prior to this amazing matchup. You can find the videos below.

Who do you have taking home the win this saturday? Hop over to Armbet and support your Athlete while taking home some cash!


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