The Wierdo Camera Guy Armwrestling Event

In what ended up being a supermatch between basically two Pullers, the wierdo camera guy war in Waxahatchie, Texas was an entertaining event to say the least. With Travis Bagent as the host and 6 of the wierdest camera guys in the game getting rowdy it was an exciting event.

At the conception of this event there were a whole different cast of characters. As time went on we started to see people who were once involved in the competition drop like flies. Though what we lost in some otherwise more competitive armwrestlers we saw them replaced with some others who may have actually been a bit wierder. Which ended up working out with the entertainment factor anyways. The wars went pretty quick as we say Jody Williams and Artem Teranenko pick up the majority of the wins with Billy Ortagus slowing both of them down a bit.

The competition ended with Artem as champ taking home the Never Been Beat belt for both hands! Though the battles were back and forth between Jody and Artem. Artem was able to out angle Jody to take home the win. Check out the matches below!

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