Natfit Midwest Open II

This was definitely one of the largest Armwrestling events in North America so far in 2021. Headlined by the Ron Bath vs Jordan Sill supermatch, it was a long day of contentious and heated pulling from all of the athletes. The match between Ron and Jordan was one that I have been anxious to see as they have gone back and forth in the past. After the amazing performance that Jordan put on at the TAL 3 event, everyone in the room and across the country was anxious to see if the battle tested legend in Ron Bath could rise to the task. Check out the promo video for the match below!

Check out what these pros thought would come out on top in the video below! Featuring: Todd Hutchings, Neil Pickup, Jamie Sheldon, Herman Stevens, Jody Williams, Michael Todd, Jonathon Breda and Brandon Dye!

From the beginning of the match it was obvious that it was going to be a difficult setup as both pullers didn’t want to give each other one centimeter of advantage in their favor. Almost every match had false starts and warnings from the ref to avoid fouling out. Though it was a tough challenge for both competitors, the strong hand of Jordan proved to be too much for Ron this time as he could not engage his pressure without Jordan taking his hand. Ron did much better when he was able to utilize the strap but it was still not enough to overtake Jordan’s control. See the supermatch shot by Two One Se7en below. We will post our footage of the supermatch at a later time.

The tournament at this event was stacked with beasts from around the country looking hungrier than ever. I saw a ton of new Armwrestlers as well that looked hungry to learn about the sport. I have been Armwrestling around the country for the last 11 years and this is close to a record amount of competitors I have seen in an event. Most classes had over 20 competitors. I believe the heavyweight novice class had close to 30 and at this event when your class is up, you stay on stage. I am not joking when I say that whole stage almost buckled. Every time someone jumped my butt cheeks clenched in fear of falling though the bottom. From 11am until just before 10pm it was non stop war with matches going back and forth all day. Definitely an event to remember.

Great job to Bryan Koerner and his crew for putting on a great event! Check out some of the footage from the event below as well as a breakdown of his experience in the event from Ron Bath!

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