Puller Magazine Review of Natfit Supplements and Western Survivor Beef Jerky

I am a picky dude when it comes to my supplements and my snacks so you can take my review of these products as extremely genuine! I have tried a lot of supplements in my day as I started personal training when I was around 17 years old. Also being a football player at the time I was always looking into new products that may help take me to the next level. My struggle with a lot of the supplements that I tried was the fowl taste and odor of the supplements, as well as the negative side effects that I experienced. Some would make me feel too pumped up to the point my heart felt like exploding while others made my stomach turn so much I ended up in the bathroom more than the weight room. I would end up drinking protein shakes that were loaded with sugar and other things that adversely effected my results due to the fact they were the only ones I could stomach. As a result I decided to avoid drinking protein drinks all together over the years.

When I tried the Natfit protein shake I was pleasantly surprised. I had tasted a few others that had a good flavor in the past with quality ingredients but this one definitely won me over. I tried the vanilla flavor which I really enjoyed and thank god Jamie was nice enough to throw in a sample of the pumpkin spice because that was delicious! I have also been taking their pre-workout which not only tastes great but pumps me up without jitters and no energy crash after the workout! The testosterone pills they have are great and have been making my gains come faster and easier. Last is their BCAAs which I have started drinking instead of juices to fight my sweet tooth cravings and it has drastically decreased my down time. If you have not tired the Natfit line of products I urge you to order some today and decide for yourself! If you are an Armwrestler it is a no brainer as you are also supporting a business that is ran by Pullers from across the country!

Along with the Natfit products I got to try the Western Survivor beef jerky line. I ordered 4 different flavors and styles of their jerky. For me jerky is tough. (No pun intended) It is either too damn sweet or it tastes like processed dog food. The stuff they sell at the gas station usually gets me a nibble before I fling it in the trash. With that being said I went into this taste test with very low expectations but ended up pleasantly surprised. The jerky from Western Survivor is like nothing I have tasted. They have very rich deep flavors that really last through every bite. Though the jerky is a bit dryer that ended up being what I liked about the jerky the most. The flavor seemed to be deeply marinated in to every piece so the need for it to be covered in some type of sauce of flavoring like a lot of the grocery store brands is unnecessary as your glands salivate with every bite.

The flavors I ended up tasting was the Sremska dry sausage fingers, the pork jerky, their medium beef jerky and the Zimbabwe Biltong. I really enjoyed all of the products that I taste tested. The thing I enjoyed most about their line was the fact that none of their jerky was sweet. I hate when jerky has some artificial flavoring like teriyaki or sweet chili. I just want it to taste like what jerky is. Meat! They hit the nail on the head. The jerky I enjoyed the most was the pork. It was very rich in flavor and left me finishing the bag wanting more. If I had to choose my least favorite I would have to say it was the Zimbabwe Biltong as it had a very deep rich almost earthy flavor that was not for me but I could see how folks would like the unique taste.

Video review of both products by Giordano Cruz

All in all I was very happy to review these brands and look forward to trying more products related to the Armwrestling community. Please let us know of any product that you think we should do a review on over here at Puller Magazine and don’t forget to hop over to the website for these products and show your support to the Arwrestling community!

Western Survivor Jerky – https://westernsurvivor.ca/

Natfit Supplements – https://www.natfitnation.com/

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