Jordan Sill vs Ron Bath Promo for the Natfit Midwest Open

In just 11 days we will see one of the showdowns of the year at the Natfit Midwest Open in Kansas City, Misssouri. Armwrestlers from around the country will travel to the city to compete in what looks to be an amazing event! Bryan Koerner has done a great job of promoting the tournament that has drawn the eyes of thousands around the world. Puller Magazine is proud to help promote the event and will be there to gather some amazing content for the magazine.

Ron Bath is well know around the world in the Armwrestling community as one of the best to ever compete in the sport. His power seems to be timeless as he has remained at the top of the sport for decades.

He is one of the most accomplished pullers of all time. He has won no less than 30 open division national titles (AAA, USAA, USAF)! He has won multiple AWI, PAC, and WAF world titles. He has won titles at the majority of the biggest pro events of the past 30+ years, including at the Main Event, the Forsa Tropical, the Arnold Classic, and the Harley Pull. He’s also had multiple supermatch victories over Michael Todd and a handful of wins over John Brzenk over the years.” – Armwrestling Archive –

Ron is in for another true test of his strength and longevity in the sport as he goes up against a powerhouse in Jordan Sill. Jordan is another puller who has truly shown that he can stand the test of time. For years Jordan has turned heads in the armwrestling world with huge matches and victories in events around the country. Most notably in the World Armwrestling League.

2017 – WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2016 – WAL Southern Regionals – 2nd Place, Heavyweight – Left Hand
2015 – WAL Western Regionals – 4th Place, Middleweight – Right Hand
2015 – WAL Western Regionals – 4th Place, Middleweight – Right Hand
2014 – WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Middleweight – Right Hand

Source – World Armwrestling League –

The country and most likely the rest of the world will be on the edge of their seat to see who comes out victorious in this amazing supermatch between two heavy hitters in the sport. Check out the promo video below from Puller Magazine!

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