Michael Todd headed to prove that he is the best in the world against Pushkar! Hear the game plan from the “Monster” himself!


It happens in just a few days. The battle to see who the strongest puller on the planet is will happen this weekend at the Vendetta Armfight #48! The large beast who we call “Monster” Michael Todd will be taking on the brutal power of Andrey Pushkar. Andrey has been at the top for some time now and this will really prove to the world that the “Monster” is the best if Michael were to come home victorious against such a huge threat. The intensity and power that Andrey brings to the table seem overwhelming to most Pullers. How does the “Monster” plan to stop the huge hit of the big Ukranian? I asked him for an interview which you could find below.




  Cruz: “Andrey is a huge challenge for any Armwrestler. How do you see yourself winning this match?”

  Monster: “Andre has been on top for several years so if I want to be the Overall #1 in the World, he is the guy I have to beat! There is only one key to victory for me, when the ref says go, don’t get pinned!!”

 Cruz: “Where are you at health-wise, physically and mentally?”

 Monster: “I have never trained this hard in my life & I have never been more prepared! I’m ready to become the #1 Armwrestler in the World!!”

 Cruz: “If you could choose to pull anyone next who would it be?”

  Monster: “All my focus has been on becoming #1, after that, I have no idea what I want to do??”

 Cruz: “If you could give advice to an Armwrestler on how to become an elite puller what would you say?”

 Monster: “Train your weaknesses until they become your strengths!! Be consistent, greatness doesn’t happen overnight!!”

 Cruz: “Why do you love Armwrestling so much? All the training, traveling and competing for little reward. What makes you keep driving to be the best?”

  Monster: “I guess it’s is the fact that I have been doing it so long, that it has become part of me! The desire to be globally recognized as the very best in the World is what drives me!!”

  Cruz: “Whats going to be your biggest obstacle in this match?”

  Monster: “Stopping his tremendous hit! I also believe he has watched some of my previous losses & will try to change his technique once the match stops! I just have to be patient & not make any mistakes!!”

 Cruz: “We have recently seen you online more with your Monster family Facebook and Youtube page. What made you and your family decide to do this?”

 Monster: “It really just started out as something a friend wanted us to do and it felt a little silly. Completely uncomfortable. Then Facebook started censoring us! Just for stating our opinions. They even deleted our page! So then we were pissed and motivated to make not only our voices heard, but the voices of anyone who wanted to comment on our page. Through this, we have found a platform that we will be using to draw attention to our veterans and their needs.”

-End Interview


Video Credit: Arm Wars


You heard it from the “Monster” himself! He is driven and will stop at nothing to prove himself the #1 Heavyweight Armwrestler in the world. This is going to be an intense match-up as well as an amazing event. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Hopefully, these interviews have given us a little peek into what gifts we have waiting for us this weekend. We wish the best of luck to Michael Todd in his match and hope he comes home happy and healthy!