Toddzilla coming with new strength against Rustam Babaev. Reveals how he trains to get huge power!

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So many amazing matches happening this coming weekend at the Vendetta All-Stars, Armfight #48 in Rumia, Poland. Todd Hutchings vs Rustam Babaev will definitely be one of the most anticipated. This is a hard match for anyone to call, and will no doubt be a big test for both athletes. Todd having a large amount of stamina means he will most likely look to grind the matches out longer to tire out the Ukrainian, while Rustam will no doubt be looking for a quick pin. The “professor” of Armwrestling knowledge, Engin Terzi wrote a great article comparing the pullers that you can find here. I asked Todd Hutchings some questions about his upcoming match just days away from the event, and you can find his answers below. Also, check out the awesome video from Theory Armwrestling on this great match-up below as well.

Video Credit: Theory Armwrestling

 Cruz: “How do you see this match going?”

  Hutchings: “Super matches are almost always a blowout, there are very few 3:3 matches. I’m likely to lose the first 1 or two but feel confident about the later rounds.”

 Cruz: “What do you think is Rustam’s biggest strength?”

  Hutchings: “Rustam is one of the fastest and most explosive pullers today, coupled with the fact that he is also one of the strongest at any weight makes him formidable, and likely my superior.”

 Cruz: “Will you be pulling the tournament as well as the supermatch? How big of a factor will pulling the tournament play on the match?”

  Hutchings: “I will not pull the tourney the day of the super match. I don’t know what day my super match is, so I don’t know whether the tourney is left hand or right hand the day of the super match.”

just received this:


So now that he knows what day it’s on, he will decide Friday about pulling left.

 Cruz: “What do you think is the major difference between your shape and experience now compared to the last time you pulled Rustam?”

  Hutchings: “I’m way bigger, stronger and have more experience. The last time we pulled I had not yet established myself as a world-class puller.”

 Cruz: “Your biggest strength seems to be your side pressure and endurance. What type of specific training do you do to build this power?”

  Hutchings: “I love discussing training, and 1 question is not enough to get all the details. Endurance comes from strength, I build strength following a West Side Barbell System employing a Speed day, a Max day. I sometimes augment this with a Progressive Overload day. Recently I’ve come to believe isometrics are far superior to high volume for auxiliary days.”

 Cruz: “Any other beasts in the world of Armwrestling that you look forward to competing against?”

  Hutchings: “I am no longer head-hunting and am primarily trying to win the big events for the big prizes. The last person I was specifically chasing was Ron Bath, and that was over 7 years ago.”

 Cruz: “What is your ultimate goal in the sport of Armwrestling?”

  Hutchings: “With the demise of all the big leagues and big prizes, I’m currently searching for a goal. I’m considering moving to Bulgaria for a few years and becoming a coach. But that is a very recent idea and I haven’t exactly thought it through yet.”

-End Interview

Very interesting to hear that Toddzilla may move across seas for training. Pound for pound he is definitely one of the strongest Armwrestlers in the world. Would this benefit him in the long run? I can’t imagine him getting much stronger but if he does that is a scary thing for all pullers that may face him. We wish Todd the best of luck this weekend and safe travels!

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