Dave Chaffee ready for battle! Explains how he will win match against Trubin

Image source: World Armwrestling League

One of America’s biggest threats in the Super Heavyweight Armwrestling world is headed to Poland in just days to take on a monster and huge obstacle in the man, Dmitry Trubin. If you have seen Dmitry lately you know that the guy seems to not stop growing. He looks to be bigger than ever and that will most likely result in more power on the table. What is Dave Chaffee’s plan to take down the beast and how ready is he for the challenge? I asked the World Champion a few questions which I have shared below-

Credit: Armbets.tv


  Cruz: “How are you feeling going into this match?”

  Chaffee: “I am confident going into this match. I’ve prepared as much as I possibly can. I’m feeling very strong. I switched up a few things in my routine and worked a lot on endurance. Being a week out it’s now just time to rest. Hopefully, I can adjust ok to the travel.”

  Cruz: “How do you see yourself winning this match?”

  Chaffee: “To win this match I am going to have to get Trubin out of his game. He has a nasty toproll. But he isn’t super fast which helps me. I will need to get into my position, In my spot or else I’m going to be in trouble. If I get there I don’t think He can beat me. I also have plan B and C if that fails. Dmitry is a very smart puller and will be ready to adjust if need be. So I have to be a step ahead.”

  Cruz: “We have seen Trubin put on a lot of pounds lately. How big of a factor do you think that plays in this match?”

   Chaffee: “I’m sure Trubin has put on some good strength gains along with this weight so that will help him. I’m hoping maybe the weight will hinder his endurance, but from what I have heard he will drop a few pounds before the match so it probably won’t be a huge factor. This match I feel will be the toughest of my career. Not only do I have to pull one of the best arm wrestlers in the world. I have to pull him Supersized and we don’t really even know his power at the moment. Let alone 6 matches. This is going to be grueling but as I said before I am as ready as I can possibly be.”

  Cruz: “What event do you like pulling at the most?”

  Chaffee: “I really enjoyed Zloty back in 2013 . The atmosphere was awesome. Also WAF in 2010. Competing for your country is an awesome experience.”

  Cruz: “Any pullers on your radar that you would like to match up with after this?”

  Chaffee: “My only focus is on Dmitry Trubin. If I win I can worry about going after the number one guy in the world whoever it may be, as Dmitry is number 2. If I lose its back to the drawing board.”

  Cruz: “What are some of Dave Chaffee’s interests outside of Armwrestling?”

  Chaffee: “I enjoy playing poker, betting on horses. I love spending time with my son, girlfriend, and family.”

  Cruz: “What would you like the Armwrestling community to remember when they think of Dave Chaffee?”

  Chaffee: “My dad always taught me to be a good winner and a good loser. To keep it classy. To be confident but not arrogant. I try to be that guy. that is how I would hope people remember me.”


-End Interview


Very exciting match up between these two beasts and Dave sounds very prepared for the challenge. Who do you think takes this heated match? This will no doubt be a great event and we wish Dave the best of luck on his trip and in his match!