Devon Larratt invades China, comments on Cyplenkov and possible WAL return

Photo Credit: World Armwrestling League

Devon Larrat recently traveled to China and competed in a very interesting and impressive event. The promotion is called “The Super Armwrestling League”, which is based out of Tianjin, China and was Founded in 2012. They had a very modern approach to the production at this event and obviously invested some good money in putting it together. From the hammers, to the staging and videography, we saw something that is a step above many events featured here in America, and very much resembled some of the larger more established Armwrestling leagues. Featuring who is arguably the greatest Armwrestler of all time is definitely icing on the cake.

If you follow Devon, then you know these last few years he has been overwhelming his competition. Ever since we saw Devon be impressively victorious in a battle against another g.o.a.t. in, “The Perfect Storm” John Brzenk at the “Armwars Super Series” in 2008, he has done nothing short of amaze us with his strength and skill. Taking down Monsters in the Armwrestling world, like Andrey Pushkar, Travis Bagent, Marcio Barboza and many others. Now he also travels the world giving seminars and sharing his fountain of knowledge with anybody that wants to build their skill in this very competitive sport.

So what did the Champ think about the competition in China? This event seemed huge and expensive but we didn’t see anyone even close to Devon’s strength on the Armwrestling table. I was very interested in finding out what it was like at this competition, as well as when we would see Devon pull Dennis Cyplenkov, and the possible return of a certain Armwrestling League. Devon made some very interesting statements which you can find below.

“China was an amazing experience. I was invited to go from D1 Chief – Yin Yue. We met at the WAL finals 2017 in Las Vegas. I have to say that my one week in China has not only changed my view on Armwrestling, but it has affected the way I see the world. China is a massive place – by Canadian standards, unimaginably huge. The organization, generosity, productiveness, intelligence, age, and strength of their culture is something to witness. This I believe will directly reflect into D1’s venture to make Armwrestling succeed in China and beyond. I was invited to the national championships of China this year. The production was very impressive, a big and, very experienced high-level team. It was reminiscent of what we have seen at the WAL the past few years – 25% . Yin and his team run a very tight ship and their vision is impressive. The athletes overall were very fit. The average competitor was smaller in mass, I believe their largest class was the 60kg class. All of the weight class athletes were extremely healthy and lean. The open weight class did not have the Giants we are used to seeing in North America, but I do believe they will come. I did witness some good Armwrestling. Some of the athletes I talked to have been doing it for over a decade, and their technique is solid. Their most notable champion Zhao Zi Rui won the 90kg class weighing about 85kgs. As soon as I shook his hand upon meeting him I knew he was very strong for Armwrestling. I was impressed with the overall spirit of all the competitors. Though the scene is not as mature as it is in North America, I do believe that with the #s this country has, and with the team in D1 pushing the sport, it will not take long before this country produces world level competition across ALL weight categories. Though I do believe the lighter classes will likely remain the most dangerous. Yin shared with me an exciting new strategy he has in mind to bring Armwrestling to life through corporations. So imagine grassroots – Amateur Armwrestling conducted within and between companies. This style would be team based and work off of a point system. I am very excited to see what comes of this vision.”

“As far as the WAL and Steve, I do believe we will have a return potentially to greater heights than we have seen before. Steve will not announce anything until he is sure things will work, but I know that he is still working hard on the vision of bringing Armwreslting to the mainstream. I am optimistic that sometime next year we will once again have the opportunity to be competing in and watching the WAL.”

“As for myself personally, I have been working hard on something that I really believe that Armwrestling needs to keep moving forward (I hope to be able to release details before Christmas). I believe that with time, this tool will change many things within the sport… fingers crossed. I also continue to develop Freedom Armwrestling. A kind of mash-up, between all the things I have seen the last 25 years or so. I am optimistic that what I do here will have a place in this wide world of Armwrestling.”

“As for who is next for me, I am very active these days, Armwrestling at times every weekend. Everybody asks – when will you pull Denis? Yes, it is true, I did turn down an offer with the PAL to pull at Nemiroff. Believe me when I say the match will happen. I am very confident that with all the things we are all working on, we will make matches like these have a far greater reach than is currently possible. Until all the systems are in place, I am not taking any world level matches. That’s not a hard no, but unless the offer is amazing, every day I am working toward things to make these matches be more impactful. Time will tell if I am successful or made the right decision. I truly believe that this is a great sport and others before myself have proven that in your Armwrestling career 40 can just be the beginning. It is my hope that we have things in place so that the match with Denis and I will happen in 2018.”

-End statement

I am sure we all can’t wait to see what is next for Devon. Will we ever see him pull on ESPN again, under the big lights of the WAL? Only time will tell. I will be anxiously anticipating his battle against Cyplenkov next year as I think that is the biggest Supermatch in the world right now. I have added some related videos below to study. Puller Magazine wishes the best of Luck to Devon in all his upcoming matches and endeavors!