Post-Supermatch comments from Justin Bishop and Ryan Bowen, Plus new match footage!


Image By: Smile Darling Photography

In a heated battle between one of the best Armwrestlers in Australia, by the name of Ryan Bowen, and one of America’s strongest Pullers, Justin Bishop. We saw exactly why they call the Alabama native, “Bama Bull”. Horse power ended up being the victor in this match. We saw some very effective technique by the Australian, Ryan Bowen, who ended up taking the hand of the “Bama Bull” multiple times. Though hand control seemed to not be enough for the side pressure that Bishop created, even with a flopped wrist. This was a much closer match than most anticipated, even though it weighed heavily in Justin’s favor at the end. We also saw a great left handed match between Justin and another strong Australian named Danny Tesch. Tesch looked crazy powerful. It seemed that after Justin pulled a win in the first round, taking Danny outside. Tesch was able to keep the game inside and power through to win the Supermatch. Very impressive performance and we look forward to seeing more from Danny. After the event, we asked Justin and Ryan about their match as well as the event itself. You will find their comments below as well as the Supermatches and some fun video’s made by Ryan Bowen about Justin’s visit. Enjoy!


  Bishop: “As just for the matches themselves, I feel the match with Ryan went really similar to what I expected. I knew he was a technical Armwrestler and his game was primarily outside. I figured it’d all be based on how strong he was. I expected to dominate especially in the early rounds. By the 4th round I had to adjust my grip to mainly because my wrist was fatigued. I knew my arm was still plenty fresh and would still be dominate if I kept a good angle and grip. The match with Danny went exactly how I wanted in the first round. In the second I wasn’t able to get around his hand so I had to stand up for the hook and he had gained to much position for me to recover so I laid it down to save my arm. Next match went the same way except I attempted to pull in a hook and found my arm was in pain in that position. Next match I tried a side hit and had him really close. I fell away from my shoulder just a bit and couldn’t finish. Danny was simply too strong that day but I feel I’ll have my day in the near future. My hats off to him as I’ve only been beaten by Talbot in the last yr or so with my left.”


  Bowen: For me the event was a complete success. On a promotional front I thought it was brilliant. We had 22k viewers in the live video within the first 24 hours and I’ve never received more positive support before. I received countless messages saying that the match had been promoted incredibly well and that people loved watching the build up. One amazing thing that blew Justin and I away was that two days prior to the match Justin and I were at a local grocery store and the cashier recognized and new exactly who Justin was. It was very cool. On the Armwrestling front, Justin was too strong. I felt I Armwrestled well. The first two rounds I took a deep grip and challenged for control, however Justin’s side pressure even without his wrist was mega and proved too much. The later rounds I changed tactics and ran for a super defensive toproll which proved to be my best chance. I managed to take control of the wrists but Justin maintained access to power with his fingers and had a very powerful flop hook that eventually wore through my position. All in all I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for next time. To be honest I’d absolutely love a rematch in Alabama.





Videos By: Ryan Bowen YouTube page