Big things coming for Arm Wars in 2018! Updates from Neil Pickup!

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At the end of another long day, while sitting on my couch watching T.V. and rubbing my phone, I came across a post on Facebook that got me very excited. Arm Wars Professional Armwrestling Super series has uploaded over 200 Supermatches to YouTube and will be posting over 500 more! To me and my Team here in Oregon this is like early Christmas! We started as amateurs on the Armwrestling table. Like a kid seeing their favorite super hero, we watched Arm Wars with wide eyes, in awe of the level of competition. The amount of strength, technique and aggression these athletes possessed was unbelievable. From the production value to the format of the events, it was the most entertaining Armwrestling on a screen and was a huge tool for learning different techniques to train. So obviously having access to what looks to soon be one of the largest libraries of Armwrestling
matches at the touch of a button, makes our little team here in the Northwest fill with joy. As we developed and started competing more, it seemed like most athletes at the higher level had the goal of Pulling in an Arm Wars Super Series. To finally make it big and be considered a legit contender in the Armwrestling world was to get the call to battle on the big stage at Arm Wars. All the monsters in the Armwrestling world competed in Arm Wars. From John Brzenk to Devon Larrat and Michael Todd, as well as european beasts like Frode Haugland and Niklas Nannestad. Theres a long list of high Caliber Armwrestlers that we have gotten the pleasure of watching under the Arm Wars banner.

It had been quite a while since I watched a new Arm Wars match online. While seeing Neil Pickup (Founder of Arm Wars) working with the WAL and the huge exposure they were getting before their “cancellation”. I got the impression that Arm Wars was a thing of the past. Fortunately I was very wrong! Neil has not stopped
building the sport of Armwrestling and that includes Arm Wars. He has several events in mind for 2018 as well as a new concept to bring forward and build the brand of Arm Wars, bringing more awareness to the sport of Arm Wrestling. What monsters do we get to see compete on the big stage next? Where are their next events going to be held? I recently asked Neil Pickup some of these questions and more to get an idea of what we might see from The Arm Wars Professional Armwrestling Super Series in the future. Check it out below.

 Cruz: “Will there be the same champions or is there a clean slate ?”

 Neil: “Contrary to some public opinion, the ARM WARS Super Series never actually stopped running Events. I did ARM WARS Events featuring mainly European Pullers in both the UK 🇬🇧 & Germany 🇩🇪 throughout the years in which I was working with the WAL, so there is really no reason for our Champions to be stripped or replaced. The Champions worked hard to get those Titles & I know all to well the Blood, Sweat & Tears it takes to reach the pinnacle of our Sport, the ARM WARS Champions still retain their Titles unless they choose to either retire undefeated or relinquish them. I think we have some wonderful Champions & I’m very proud of them all.”

 Cruz: “Any matches already in the works?”

 Neil: “Yes, I have Armwrestling in my DNA & just like a lot of the Guys & Girls reading this article I have great potential Matches buzzing around in my mind constantly. I am in no rush as we have a number of things in the Pipeline including an Old School Open Tournament of sorts but we plan to be in Germany, England & potentially Las Vegas in 2018 & the Cards at each event will be carefully shaped to yield maximum entertainment from their Matches. We should see many familiar faces & some exciting new talent as well.”

 Cruz: “What is the new concept for Arm Wars?”

 Neil: It’s no secret that the Digital age is upon us & represents the future in almost every Sport, Armwrestling is no different & ARM WARS is prepared to explore that Channel much further. The exciting element is that ARM WARS Athletes will have the opportunity to be Masters of their own destiny within our Promotion, it will suit the Pullers who are really able to entertain & that’s the Pullers we are keen to partner with.

 Cruz: “Will we see Neil Pickup compete in Arm Wars again?”

 Neil:  “I think it’s more a question of whether anyone would really want to mate,🤣😂🤣 it’s fair to say that I haven’t pursued the Sport from the perspective of achieving personal progression since 2009 after the Birth of my eldest son however I still love to Armwrestle & compete. I love mentoring the New Breed of Puller who’s time is now & trying to drive our Sport forward these days but never say never I guess 😉.”

 Cruz: “Are there any plans for Arm Wars to eventually be televised on a network?

 Neil: “Ironically ARM WARS Shows still airs 3 nights weekly here in the UK on Sky Sport FrontRunner Channel & going forward who knows where the opportunities will arise from a TV perspective but I am extremely excited about the Digital platform & we have re-launched the Official You Tube Channel which we will be adding New Shows to very frequently.”

 Cruz:  “What drives you as a promoter to continue building the sport of Armwrestling?”

 Neil: “The Dream is, has always been & always will be to leave Armwrestling with recognition, real recognition. I would love to one Day see our Sport in a position where my Young Sons could be proud of their Dad & the Sport he loved. You never know they may also love Armwrestling one day & if they could pursue it full time & make a living from the Sport wouldn’t that be something. I love this Sport however crazy that might sound to people outside Armwrestling, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been any good at you know, it’s my thing & Armwrestlers are my people, my extended family.”

 Cruz: “Any statements you could make to the pullers out there that are looking forward to the return of Arm Wars?”

Neil: “It would really be to just say thanks for the support & I’m glad you enjoy the Shows. We intend to do things as well or better than we ever have going forward & I look forward to trying to put together the Matches that we all want to see. You all can help our efforts by spreading the word to anyone & everyone who wants to hear it. Subscribe for free to the New ARM WARS You Tube Channel & share the links & the Shows. I feel we have been able to Showcase some wonderfully entertaining Matches over the years & that people will enjoy them if they see them. We have clipped Shows into single Matches to appeal to the time poor generation who are just looking for a Quick Fix of Strength Sport entertainment. Thanks in advance to you all for assisting our cause Guys.”

 Cruz: “In your opinion what is the biggest match that could be made right now in the Armwrestling world?”

 Neil: “Ohhhhh there are so many Matches I love, I really want to see Prudnik Vs. Sasho in ARM WARS over 6 Rounds (Guys if your reading & you want it then PM me & lets do this thing). I love Vatali Lalatin Vs. Devon Larratt – I love Gennady Kvikvenia Vs. Mike (Todd) but it’s though FANTASTIC characters & GREAT Matches that our Sport will truly succeed. I also just want to wish Igor Mazurenko the very best of luck with the fabulous Event which he & his team have pulled together in November, I’ll be watching keenly. All the very best to my good friend Bill Collins with his efforts to forge a resurgence of the UAL, Bill is a Rock & I wish him all the very best with the Shows. I remain a MASSIVE supporter & advocate of the EAF & the WAF for which the Events have become something truly fantastic with huge talent in tremendous depth, I greatly look forward to being back involved in these events again soon. I remain a huge Fan of the WAL & I’m honestly praying that Steve Kaplan can continue his efforts with that Promotion, as its potential was & still is massive. Lastly I’d like to extend a huge thank you, to all the smaller scale Promotions & Promoters globally, who work so tirelessly around the World to further the Sport we all love. You are the life Blood that flows through the veins of Armwrestling Guys, keep doing what you are doing. All the very best to you & all your Families Guys, stay Strong, Happy & Healthy Neil x”

End Interview-

We must thank the Armwrestling gods for promoters like Neil Pickup who continue to drive and work hard towards the struggle of building our sport. Looks like we get to see more of that great production and intense matches that we have grown accustomed to while watching Arm Wars. Remember to subscribe to Arm Wars YouTube channel. Click on the image below and lets support this bad ass promotion!