Just imagine watching the Olympics and seeing our favorite Armwrestler’s compete for the gold, representing their country! Now snap back out of it because you were dreaming. Long have we imagined the respect, support and money that would come from Armwrestling becoming an Olympic sport, but that has only been hope.  Well it seems that the World Armwrestling Federation is taking steps in the right direction.  The Organization has officially become one of seven Federations that have been awarded observer status with the Global Association of International Sports Federations. What that means is they have chosen The WAF to be observed, along with 6 other Federations, as a potential to obtain possible membership with the GAISF in the future. “GAISF represents 109 International Federations and other sports bodies and acts as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice and provides a range of services in key areas such as anti-doping. GAISF works closely with the International Olympic Committee and their vision and values are entirely aligned.”- Source – GAISF

With this being huge news for Armwrestling as a sport, it is just the first step in the right direction. There is no certainty that we will even accomplish gaining membership within the Association. Keeping in mind that Pole Sports (which seems to be pole dancing) and Footgolf ,(which I had not even heard of before today) are also on the list as under observation, makes the likelihood of Armwrestling becoming an Olympic Sport pretty low. I won’t be holding my breath anytime soon but my fingers will be crossed that the WAF gets through this next step and continues pushing for Armwrestling in the Olympics. Check out the full story straight from the GAISF at the link below.


By- Giordano Cruz


Seven international federations awarded gaisf observer status


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    Good step taken by the federation

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