Pros react to Mendleson competing at Zloty. Is he ready? Larratt, Chaffee and others weigh in!


Scott Mendleson has decided to go overseas to compete at Zloty, featuring some of the strongest Armwrestlers in the world! Some Pullers may hear the name, Scott Mendleson and turn into Conor Mcgregor. Asking questions like, “who the fook is that guy?” Others may know him for getting an impressive “win” over Travis Bagent at the WAL California State Championships a couple years ago. With Bagent being known to “put on a show” many feel that this win was phony. There is no denying that Scott Mendleson is strong. Being strong is what he does.  Scott is an American Powerlifter, who specializes in the bench press. He has broken multiple world records and is currently the raw (unassisted) world record holder in the 308-pound weight class. (source-wikepedia)

So is being strong alone enough? For years we have seen massive strongmen and bodybuilders come into this sport with not many being able to compete even at the standard professional level. Is it possible for a man with brute strength and almost no experience in Armwrestling to compete at the top professional level? Well it has been a couple years since that supposed win over Travis Bagent. We have seen him training with great Armwrestlers like Vazgen Soghoyan and Herman Stevens. Showing he definitely has some power but also shows a lot of amateur technique. So is he ready for the competition at Zloty? Arguably the best competition on the planet? I reached out to Scott on social media with no response. After being told he was busy and couldn’t answer questions for a couple days, an interview with ironically surfaced. The timing makes me a bit curious.  I have attached a link to the interview below.

So is this a legit run to compete with the best in the world with the intentions of winning, or simply an attempt to gain publicity? What do some of the best pros in the country think about Scott Mendlesons choice to compete at Zloty? I decided to ask a few and have attached their comments below.


bishop  Justin BIshop:  “My personal opinion is that Scott is nowhere near that level of competition. Honestly, it will surprise me if he wins a match. Im not saying this to be disrespectful but this sport is just like any other sport. You have to put in the time and even the strongest of men get handled by much smaller guys on the table. He has made a name for himself in the powerlifting world and has a “win” on Travis. Now some ppl want to see him on the big stage. His armwrestling skills are on a novice level and it will show. I’m sure his power is there but the Europeans are on another level. You don’t go to there house with novice skills…. Bc that’s what your going to look like.”


bagent wal  Travis Bagent: “I think Scott’s a tremendous strength athlete and brings a ton both athletically and from a promotional standpoint. Of course he deserves to go to any Armwrestling event on the earth! I believe that after Scott’s visit to Poland he will have learned one of two thing: He belongs in the discussion when the best pullers are being ranked/critiqued? Or he will be exposed to the highest of Armwrestling and realize what that LEVEL looks like, come home and work harder! My opinion: he’s FUCKED this year, but he will be educated and with that knowledge he can get better!!!”


chafee  Dave Chafee: “It’s not my say whether he deserves it or not. If he feels he has a chance to win then why not test yourself. I have no idea where he stands. He rarely competes. I’ve only seen him in that match where Travis let him win. And last I seen him pull he lost to Jonathan Hoffman like a year ago. Zloty is a different type of beast. Usually some of the top guys in the world are there. What are Scott’s chances? Well if everyone in the vendetta matches would have pulled Zloty, such as Pushkar, Trubin, Micheal Todd, Bresnan and myself. I would say his chances would be slim to none and slim would have left town. I don’t know who is pulling Zloty this year so I really can’t say exactly what his chances are . But If I had to guess I would say he has a chance to win a match or two if he gets a good draw.”


cropped-devon-larratt-ultimate-armwrestling-league.jpg  Devon Larratt: “Its a tournament – anyone can go right? its a great experience i am sure, i would encourage anyone to go. His chances? At this time – nil.”


tom  Tom Nelson: “He’s got a better chance at giving dogs pink eye again over winning zloty”


igor  Igor Mazurenko: “Złoty are a very tough tournament for a puller like Scott but good experience.”


craig5  Craig Soubliere: “I mean of course it’s early to compete over there. At his level, But it will be a good experience for him especially at that level. I just don’t think anyone has the money to spend to go over there unless you’re the only guys like some of the match ups that are going to be happening at that event. I would like to get a super match with Mendy. He has a huge following and beating him would blow up my name with non pullers. Maybe get some kind of sponsorship. Maybe I’m off base with that but I just see him as a name.”

End comments-


mendleson and tank


Some interesting perspectives from the Armwrestling community. Nobody really giving Mendleson a chance but all definitely agree it will be a huge learning experience. I think any Armwrestler would love to go battle at such an intense tournament with top level competition. Next month we get to see the Powerlifter take the stage against the best and I will be on the edge of my seat in anticipation. If he was to get some wins that could possibly open up others in the weightlifting community to get involved in the sport of Armwrestling. Best of luck to Scott Mendleson in Poland next month, we all look forward to seeing you compete!


  • By Giordano Cruz