Bowen see’s Bishop as stepping stone Calls out Todzilla and Larratt next

bishop vs bowen

A big battle is ahead vs one of the best right hand American Armwrestlers vs one of the best in Australia. Justin Bishop who has been travelling across the country and decimating his competition take it down under to take on Ryan Bowen who called out Bishop to prove the caliber of Armwrestler he is. I did a poll and social media and I would say about 95% think that the American in Justin Bishop takes this one home easily. While a small amount think that Bowen will win. One of the people in that group is arguably the best Armwrestler in the world, “No Limits’ Devon Larratt. Devon having been to Australia for training seminars has felt the strange of Ryan Bowen and feel that Bishop doesn’t win against the Australian. Those are big words from a man who’s word means a lot in the sport of Armwrestling. Does the relatively unknown Puller in Ryan Bowen have the power to take down a beast in Justin Bishop who as of late seems unstoppable? We will find out October 29th when they battle it out at the Pig ‘n’ Whistle pub in Redbank Plains, Australia.

I recently interviewed the Pullers to get their perspective on the event. Justin seems confident in getting the win then healing until 2018 where he will hopefully get a chance to compete at Zloty. Bowen seems to see this as his first step in global domination looking forward to fights with “Toddzilla” Todd Hutchings, a couple top level European pullers and eventually a supermatch with the almighty himself Devon Larratt! Check out the interview below!

Cruz: What advantages do either of you have over the other?

Bishop: I believe I’ll have the overall power advantage and possibly the experience factor as well.
Bowen: The clear and obvious advantage is that I have a longer forearm and a longer hand. I’m 6′ 2″ and Justin is just over 6″. Which for me really brings my top roll into the game. Its going to come down to who can dictate the angles and I believe I can particularly with having a longer arm and longer hand.
Cruz: Do you two think this is a good match up?
Bishop: I do, I think ppl are over looking Ryan. Good technical AWers can see the small things that matter from watching a video. I see things from Ryan that average AWers don’t do. It’s just a matter of how strong he is.
Bowen: I definitely think this is a good match up. Justin is someone who I consider a benchmark. He had a great international run. He is a very respected Armwrestler. I wanted to call out someone of high caliber. He is an outside puller so I think he will try to stick to his game, everybody thinks hes gonna win but its going to backfire on him. I have not lost to someone that is a toproller shorter than me, ever. I don’t plan on him
being the first.
Cruz: Who called out the other puller and why?
Bishop: He called me out. I believe he wants to test himself against a tested AWer.
Bowen:I called Justin out. I contacted Justin and said I wanted to bring him out, hes a high caliber Armwrestler. He accepted very graciously. Its an honor that he considers the match worthy because Australia is relatively unknown. Danny Teish did well
in Vegas against Paul Talbot and those guys, Tony Kitowski. I know I’m an unknown variable for Justin so I truly find it an honor for Justin to come out on a big massive match, for me it is my opportunity to show the world where I really am at in terms of my caliber. My goal is nothing short of becoming a world champion. I want to be known as one of the greatest Armwrestlers of all time. So this is one of the first steps I need to accomplish in that process.
Cruz: What do you think of best of 6 supermatches vs some who do best of 3, which seems short? What is a good number of rounds for a supermatch?
Bishop: I personally would pick an odd number so your guaranteed a winner. For me I like best of 5 beacause endurance is still a factor but your not killing your arm to much.
Bowen: For me the best of 6 format is awesome. I love being put against someone in a battle that long. The fight gets real the lactic acid gets real. I’ve done it once when I competed in Armwars back in 2014 and I absolutely loved it. It was the lactic acid threshold and tolerance in my hand. There is a large amount of non Armwrestling fans coming so I think the best of 6 format is really pivotal to truly be entertaining to the crowd.
Cruz: Who wins this match and how?
Bishop: I win by simply being stronger and more experienced in one on one combat verse tournament pulling.
Bowen: Because Justin is the favorite he has the weighted pressure of America behind him. They are expecting him to just dominate and I’ve been talked down a lot so there’s gonna be a lot of pressure on him to just win and win the way Justin likes to
win which is just big posting toproll, big high wrist side pressure based attack. That’s going to be a trap for him. That’s going to be a big mistake, he’s better off trying something else because with my longer arm my toproll is going to be too much, his hand is going to be overwhelmed, hes going to lose his wrist and I’m going to pin him. Second round he will probably try to do the same thing only hes going to fire out after he loses the first round convincingly and hes going to go a bit harder. The same thing is going to happen it might just be a little slower to get to his wrist the second time as opposed to just taking it quickly but third round hes going to start to get desperate, hes going to start looking for a sort of inside move which is going to be easy for me to counter then his hand is going to start gassing out then we will see desperation from Justin, he might go shoulder hard and really try to hold on but its not going to work and by round 4 its going to be goodnight. The crowd is going to know, and Justin’s going to know, then I can go virtually where ever I want from round 4, 5 and on.
Cruz: Does Bowen have an advantage with
his fans behind him?
Bishop: No. I’ve been on both sides many times. I’ve never had it bother me during the match. The traveling does take a toll on the visitor but I’m hoping being the a couple days prior will make a difference.
Bowen: I think so, its always good to have a home crowd advantage and Justin is going to try to draw over that, being behind enemy territory and emotions he is going to try to kill the mood there . A lot of people are going to be turning out, a lot of Australian Armwrestlers are going to be really keen to see where Australia is on the map. A Lot of people here know Justin is a great Armwrestler and has the credentials, so its going to be really great to see and to have that home crowd. Without a doubt.
Cruz: Ryan claims to have some sort of “wizardry” and that he wins all 6? Comments?
Bishop: I think he’s believing in himself as he should but at the end of the day when that doesn’t happen… Then what? That’s when you’ll see what Ryan’s really made off.
Bowen:Why do I think I will beat him 6 out of 6? Im a hand break armwrestler. My game has always been about endurance, I know that Justin has a strong reputation of also being a hand break Armwrestler as well but I can tell you right now that in the years I have been in the sport I have trained hand. Literally hand has been my focus. I’ve been criticized by a lot of people for doing it in the past but now those same people have come up to me and looked at me and said hang on a second mate, is there something to the way Ryan’s been training, because people I train with that have strong arms I take their  hands away from them, from they’re power so I’ll do the same thing to Justin, and its going to be very evident after just a couple rounds that my hand is superior to his.
Cruz: Whats next for you two? Any other pullers you have
your eye on for a supermatch?
Bishop: Not at the moment. I’ve been pulling pretty heavily this yr and it’s telling on me. My arms telling on me and my projects at home are too. I’ll probably get back at it at the being of the yr. I normally continue to practice and hit the gym couple times a week but it’s mainly to help recovery.  I would like see the UAL or WAL make a comeback but I really want to compete at Zloty.
Bowen: My goal is very well laid out, I want to be know as one of the greatest of all time, that is my goal. I’ve been in the sport for 4.5 years and I’m driven to that goal. I’ve excelled through the ranks and the divisions and I’m now looking
to take it international and this is the first stepping stone on an international sense. Next year for 2018 I want to bring out Todzilla to do the same thing. 2019 I want to bring out a European superstar like a Prudnik  a Gasparini or Zoloev. In 2020 its none other than the big man himself Devon Larratt. Thats the goal.
End Interview-
bowen vs bama
Well there you have it! Two extremely confident Pullers ready to go to war at the end of this month. Some serious call outs from Ryan Bowen about future opponents and it seems like some time to heal then aiming for the big competition over seas. Who takes this one? I know I will be on the edge of my seat in anticipation.
– By Giordano Cruz