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“Armwrestling is an old mans sport.” Ive heard many times. A young Armwrestler comes off the table after losing to an experienced older champion. You may often hear “Thats that old man strength”. While the age and experience may play a huge factor in winning and losing we still see a large amount of younger Armwrestlers at the top of the ranks. 20 and 30 somethings seem to be the norm with plenty in their 40’s and 50’s still competing for the top of the food chain. Though not many come to play with the big boys and actually be a contender at the ripe age of 19 years old. Florida
has an answer for that.
An answer by the name of Chance Shaw. Only a teenager this kid has already made a name for himself in the sport of Armwrestling. Not since a young Kenny Hughes have we seen an Armwrestler so young show so much potential in the sport. With wins over some top level pullers this young man seems to chase after the highest level of competition. Recently calling out arguably one of the strongest right hands in the country in Justin Bishop there seems to be no stopping his hunger and drive to become a real contender. Though he lost the match to Justin 2-1 he still shows a lot of promise being able to get even one win over one of the best in the country at this young of an age is amazing.
I recently asked Chance some questions to get a better insight on what his goals are going forward and to see Armwrestling from a younger perspective.
Here is the interview:


Cruz: Who got you into the sport of Armwrestling?

Chance: My dad pulled Europa Orlando and won amateurs, and I thought it was super cool. I asked around and found the next event in Florida.

Cruz: What are some of the top events that you have competed in and won?

Chance: I’ve won many PAF events, a couple big Florida events, WAL Qualifiers, and a triple elimination no weightclass event in Nevada.

Cruz: What sports were you involved in before Armwrestling?

Chance: I wasn’t involved in any sports before Armwrestling. All I did was game on pc and Xbox really.

Cruz: Who is your favorite Puller of all time?

Chance: That’s a thought one. So many people to consider for my favorite. It’s between Devon and John. John is the goat, but Devon has proven dedication and hard work can take you to the top.

Cruz: Which hand is strongest and what is your go-to technique?

Chance: I’m a heavy right hand puller. I have kind of a hybrid style in Armwrestling, but it’s a low hand toproll.

Cruz: Who would you like to call out next for a supermatch?

Chance: For my next match I want to pull a top 20 guy. My targets are Joel Hudik and Jordan Sill. Maybe Daniel Mosier.

Cruz: How do we get more younger Armwrestlers like yourself involved in the sport?

Chance: Armwrestling needs to be in high schools to really grow the youth of the sport in my opinion. If we had clubs for teens to pull with people their age, it would really boom the sport. A lot of guys my age I know are discouraged to pull grown men and lose.

Cruz: Nice. Last question. I noticed recently that you posted about some people on social media judging you for opponents you call out. Can you speak a little bit into that?

Chance: So pretty much once I announced I was going to pull Justin Bishop, I got a lot of comments and messages about how stupid I was for that and how bad he was going to crush me. I felt like I gave him a good match and I was even able to pull out a win, but he was the better man. However, the point of that match was not to try and prove that I am so great or anything, it was simply to test myself. I had beaten everyone low level to higher level pro that I had pulled. I needed to test myself with what I thought was an elite arm. Justin was kind enough to be my test. Even since that match, I have a lot of people hate on me. It seems that they don’t like to see the nerdy 19 year old progressing faster than them. But on the other end I have a ton of people who support me, and I’m grateful to them. Also, I would like to thank the people that have been helpful to me throughout my grind by answering my annoying questions. Matt Mask, Mike Ayello, Chris Chandler, Ron Bath, Devon Larratt, Craig Soubliere, Dave Chaffee, Allen Fisher, and so many more. And a big thanks to Brian Muttillo for being the first pro I beat. He sparked something in me June 2015

End Interview-

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I know I speak for myself and a lot of other Armwrestlers when I say that we love seeing new young athletes come into this sport and look forward to seeing Chance battle against more top level contenders. Getting younger people into the sport will no doubt raise the popularity and awareness of how intense and entertaining Armwrestling is. Who would love to see Kids around the Country wearing Devon Larratt or Travis Bagent T-shirts just like they wear Lebron James or Tom Brady schwag?


  • By Giordano Cruz

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    Awesome article. Arm wrestling needs new young talent like Chance.

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