Best Matchups for 2018

Puller Magazine has made picks for the top 5 must see match-ups for 2018! Check them out below!      

Devon Larratt invades China, comments on Cyplenkov and possible WAL return

Photo Credit: World Armwrestling League Devon Larrat recently traveled to China and competed in a very interesting and impressive event. The promotion is called “The Super Armwrestling League”, which is based out of Tianjin, China and was Founded in 2012. They had a very modern approach to the production at this event and obviously invested…

Big things coming for Arm Wars in 2018! Updates from Neil Pickup!

Image by: Visnia Photos At the end of another long day, while sitting on my couch watching T.V. and rubbing my phone, I came across a post on Facebook that got me very excited. Arm Wars Professional Armwrestling Super series has uploaded over 200 Supermatches to YouTube and will be posting over 500 more! To…


  Just imagine watching the Olympics and seeing our favorite Armwrestler’s compete for the gold, representing their country! Now snap back out of it because you were dreaming. Long have we imagined the respect, support and money that would come from Armwrestling becoming an Olympic sport, but that has only been hope.  Well it seems…

Watch Stratton vs Sill left hand – Video

Watch a great left handed match between two of the best left handed pullers in the country! I have battled against both of these men and they are monsters to say the least. Enjoy and thanks to Chase for sharing!